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Hey, Alf, You are great at what you do and it is evident in the overall feel good vibes that are about your events and the people who attend them. It was by far, the most vibrant crowd I have ever been a part of in the San Francisco nightlife events scene. I look forward to working with you again.
....Victoria L

Hi Alf, i just want to drop you a line to say thank you so mauch for the amazing Banana's party!!!! My friends and I loved it! And it was extremely convinient, just around the corner from my house!

Alf- Out of all the parties that I have been to that you have thrown, this past Friday for the BANANAS Party at Suede....was incredible! What a great party! There were tons of beautiful girls, great music and the atmosphere was fantastic. Great Job!! Keep me posted on the happenings. I hope you're well. "The Wells Fargo Guy" Gonzalo

Thank you for the tickets, I love going to your parties they are fun and great! I'm glad that one of my friends told me about these events. Roxana T.

Hey, I love your parties so much that I have told my friends in south california about it. next month they will be here to visit, I will bring them to your party. Thanks again. MK.

Hey, thanks again for a GREAT HALLOWEEN party once again!!! My friend from Greece loved it. He is studying in LA and said he would come back to SF just for the partying!!!

Alf.... I can't believe it, you and Aykut really top it off this time!!!! What an incredible international Party. My friends all had an amazing time at the BANANAS party!!!! My voice mail on my cell phone was full with messages the morning after. Over 30 messages telling me how much fun they had, and they can't wait until the next time. Some even said that it was way worth more then the price...The energy was incredible!!!!!!!!! Everyone had a blast!!!! Keep the parties going babies.....You always throw the best parties with tons of amazing, sexy people!!!! Love you guys.... Beijaosss mmmmuuuuuuuaaaaahhhhhhhhhh bustos

Hey Alf! Thanks for another awesome Gipsy Kings party. The Mexican Party bus and "Lola" were fantastic. I was sticky from head to toe with margaritas, but loving every minute of it!

Hey there, Just wanted to give my compliments on the outrageous party for the Gypsy Kings concert. Needless to say, I had a blast. The pix speak for themselves :) I am looking forward to the next gig. Thanks for all your hard work. Let me know if I can be of any help.

Oh my .......The White Nights was one of the best birthday parties ever!!!!!! It was one of the best party yet!!!! It was amazing!! Everyone that I invited and told about LOVED IT!!! everyone had soooo much fun....they want to know when you will have another one like that again.......And I really want to thank you both for making it one of the best birthdays yet...I love you both!!!!!....... and I am so glad that I got to meet & know you guys... and what ever you two need my help in.... Just count me in, because I truly believe in the great fun parties you two how did it go babies.......success or what ;)..... The only thing I regret is not getting a picture with both of you & I in all white you guys looked gorgeous!!!! So adorable and soooooo sexy!!!!!! so love you guys!! muuuahhhhhh beijaoossss

PS>ohhh and I got blisters to last me the whole year!! HAHAHAHHAA I couldn't't stop dancing ;) You guys are the best ever!!!!!!! when is the next one babies....................
Juanita B.....

Alf, your White Nights party was legendary!

Alf, The White Nights Party was the best party I've been to in the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you for putting it all together. It was magic, energetic and very very fun, See you soon, Anat

Thank you Alf. We had a BLAST at the White Nights party. It was off da hook! My girlfriend Tara had a great birthday there. She is still talking about it. We will be going to a couple of Stern Grove concerts during the summer so if you want me to distribte fliers of your upcomming parties mail me some fliers. I will hand them out to good people. Gracias again. Sandy

Hey Alf sweet of you to write me after the White Nights Party and also give me such a warm greeting & the intros when you had such babe-age on the dance floor could have been exclusively focusing on (i'd understand that) do throw the best parties - please don't ever stop! i didn't know it was a 'white' party until half way through ....unobservant guy - what can u expect.

The White Nights Party was great... we enjoyed it very much. I'd definitely bring more friends with me next time. It is well done event. Crowd was right, music...everything. Even we are in our forties we feel absolutely blended with party. Good job man. Thank you Alex

Hi Alf :) That was an owsome White Nights party !!!!!!!!!!!!!! WWWOOOWWW Thanks for the pix, although I don't know about "Da' picture" :) haha hahahah ah. Those two girls in blue and pink looked great. Take care til the next party. It better be as good as this one.... :)
Bye, Sonya

All of my friends loved the White Nights party! The girls told me it was the best party ever... :o} Nice!...& the boys almost had a heart attack nicely done ;o}
Maria P.

Alf, I've invited about 40 people to your White Nights Party coming up at Kelly's Mission Rock... I went last year and had a total blast! ... Great location ... and the crowd was fantastic! I'm helping spread the word that you have the hottest parties in the Bay Area ... if not CA. Thanks for all the hard work ... :) Steve

Hi Alf! Great party- had a blast last Sat. at the Halloween Party at Le Colonial Good crowd, everybody was in a good partying HALLOWEEN groove!

Thanks again for throwing a killer halloween party! Next time may I suggest a larger venue such as Ruby Skye or Ana Mandara - I know u would pack the place! ~MiKe

Can I just say that your special guest DJ Theo was off the hook at your EVOKE party last weekend
.... I would like to see him again at upcoming parties. He really had the people movin...and he had to be good to have people dancin on the bar...That was the "first" Alf and Alf party" that I have attended and I had a great time. The crowd was absolutely fabulous....
~Tigerbebe Ps... Keep on Dancin...

Thanks for a GRRRREAT party Last Saturday
When going out to a party, my mission is to have fun with friends and to meet new people. If I meet a nice guy and we exchange numbers great, if I don't-- not a problem since my goal was to go out, chat with some new people and have fun with friends! Last Saturday's E V O K E party was really the perfect atmostphere for my friends and I to celebrate Susan's bachelorette night. Thanks for making the night very special for us. Christina.

Thank you Alf & Giovianni!!!!!
History was made at the Fairmont last Sat. night! What a Halloween Party! The Fairmont never knew what hit them! Never have that many people (in costume) ever descended on the Fairmont! I was lucky enough to have VIP tickets (and got in early) to enjoy more of the party. Free eats, and champagne in the VIP room, great music in the ballroom, but the best was the Salsa room, I would have sworn that there was a live a band in there! The acoustics were awesome! Especially that the dancing flowed out on to the Garden Roof! Salsa dancing under the stars on the roof of the Fairmont. Doesn't get much better than that. I was soooo impressed at the amount of people that showed up in costume! Oh we staye in a nice deluxe room at the Fairmont (at the discounted rate of $159! Couldn't believe that) and the parties in the rooms were pretty fun too. Thanks again you guys for making Halloween so incredible! Kiwoba

I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the Halloween party at the Fairmont. It would have been nice if it had gone until 2 but I know it wasn't your fault the hotel pulled the plug.T
hat will teach you to give the best pre-Halloween party in the City :-). The music was great, the women beautiful and the costumes loads of fun. I'll look forward to your next party.

..A quick note to say "Thank You" for including me to your incredible party last evening. My guest and I were quite delighted to see the transformation of the Fairmont into a "Mardi Gras "on Nob Hill, although it was HALLOWEEN..It was truly a spectacular evening! Once again, thank you. Best Regards, Belinda Irons San Francisco Top Models & Talent

..what's up legend? Thanks for the invites to the Norwegian Independcence Day Party, I had a blast, almost got up on the bar to follow the train too before the bartender kicked you off..can't wait for the next ones....

Brrravo : ) for an Awesome Halloween Party!!!!!! I did not even miss having one at my place! ha! Thanx for the invite and everything else CU at the next bash,
Narcisse PS: your costume was awesome!

Alf, Great party on Halloween.. One of your best ones.
Thanks, Dave

Brilliant Halloween Party Saturday night! Just wanted to let you know that was the best Halloween Party I have been to! The location was excellent, the drink deals were awesome, and it didn't hurt we had an extra hour to party b/c of Daylight Savings Time! It rocked! Looking forward to the next event!
Greg Piotti

Hey Alf, The Cinco de Mayo Party on Friday was a real blast! Thanks for your hard work and creative efforts to make it happen. I was truly impressed. Was the whole thing your gig or was it open to the public as well and you were co-hosting it? Either way I had a great time. I ran into an old friend of mine from a previous job that I haven't seen in a few years. And there were so many nice ladies there!! You can bet I will come to your Norwegian party next Wednesday!

Hey ALF !!! That was a BLAST OF A PARTY, AIIIEEEEEOOOOWWW!!!!! Viva la Gipsy Kings, at The Greek Theatre, IN BERKELEY yesterday, WOW!!! Go Alf, you Studd Muffin and HOOOOORAAAAAAAH.....FOR THE MARGARITA KING!!!! Regards, Michael

"I'm sure you know how difficult it is for people like us to find good, quality entertainment amongst intelligent peers these days. Just having turned 30 years old, I'm quite tired of the typical club routine, and the senseless clientele that too often come with it. The Gypsy Kings event was so well put together! Truly Classy Entertainment that was well worth the money! I'll gladly support any and every such event executed "ALF & ALF STYLE!" " Leon ;-) !

"Just wanted to tell you that you are an awesome host, and that the whole thing was fantastic.Till next time neil"

"You are awesome!!! I had a blast at the Gipsy Kings concert and at the party too. Thank you so much. You are the "Master" of successful events I could not believe the private party, tapas, sangria and margaritas and especially the special guests...Before I knew it, I was involved in a wild party with sombreros & I was dancing the salsa with the Gipsy Kings ...It was a BLAST! Thank you again. I love your events. You always have a special way to mix every cultures together for some wild parties and for some unforgettable memories. See you at the next event.... Christy"

Hey Alf, The Cinco de Mayo Party on Friday was a real blast! Thanks for your hard work and creative efforts to make it happen. I was truly impressed. Was the whole thing your gig or was it open to the public as well and you were co-hosting it? Either way I had a great time. I ran into an old friend of mine from a previous job that I haven't seen in a few years. And there were so many nice ladies there!! You can bet I will come to your Norwegian party next NorWednesday! Jonathan

"Alf, Thanks so much for organizing the concert!! When an event goes as smoothly as this one, one knows that significant pre-planning efforts have been expended-and what success!! Thank you. Plus all the people were fun characters, a very big plus. Elaine"

*"Your Cinco de Mayo Party Rocked Alf.. ..i was soaking wet with sweat from all the dancing...couldn't stop. definitely looking forward to future parties...until next time... SGP *

"The Gipsy King concert ALF&ALF Party was absolutely, hands down, the BEST most organized social event that I have yet to attend- Just look at how much fun we had from our faces in the photos! What a beautiful dynamic, cultural affair at each of Alf's events! He is a detail oriented, class act full of creative surprises and outlandish style! The Gipsy Kings showed up at the after party and we arrived to the concert in a Traditional Mexican Party bus-oh la la!!!" Kira Lee"

"Dear Alf On behalf of KIT TV (Channel 30) I would like to thank you for all your work this last Saturday. It kicked ass!!! We were able to get about 5 mins. of really good footage which will air in about two weeks on our Saturday show. Ill email you later...gotta go bye Henry"

"Alf you did an awesome job organizing everything and the slide show is great! I really LOVED the Mexican bus!!! See ya soon. Diana, (the sangria queen)"

"Hola Alf, I saw your party website, and BOY, did I make a BIG mistake by not hooking up with you guys at the Gypsy Kings!!! I'm sure I'm never going to hear the end of this from Kira Lee. She will never let me live it down that I wasn't there. Sign me up and keep me informed on the future parties. I now know where to look on the Internet for the "party channel" in the City. I guess I should practice what I send at the end of my emails. Hope to hear from you, Joe Orlando. === Seize the day, but don't forget to pause and smell the roses along the way."